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KETEX® ESD polo shirts and T-shirts

In addition to the conductive Belltron® fiber, we use a 100% natural fiber in our KETEX®GreenLine ESD polo shirts and ESD T-shirts - the Modal fiber. This is ecologically justifiable and environmentally friendly, for absolute premium ESD clothing at its finest with unprecedented wearing comfort.
The modal fiber makes KETEX®GreenLine unique in the field of ESD workwear.

KETEX® ESD-sweatjackets & Sweatshirts

In addition to the conductive Belltron® fiber, we also use the Modal fiber in our KETEX®GreenLine ESD sweat jackets and ESD sweatshirts. The modal fiber comes 100% from nature, it is obtained from beech wood. For processing, the bark is first removed and the wood is broken down into fine chips. The cellulose is then released from the wood and processed into a spinnable material. The advantage over genuine synthetic fibers, such as polyester, which are made from crude oil or natural gas, lies in the use of renewable raw materials. Modal is also considered more sustainable compared to purely natural materials.

KETEX® ESD work coats and work jackets

Work clothing such as ESD work coats and ESD jackets have to fulfill the following tasks in the ESD protection zone from an electrostatic point of view.
Preventing charges from friction on seating, dissipating any charges that may be present, and shielding existing charges from undergarments.

KETEX® ESD pants

Normal work clothing consists of synthetic or cotton fabrics, which become highly charged through charge separation (friction) when moved. At low humidity levels, such charges occur more frequently and pure synthetic or cotton fabrics are not able to discharge these charges again.
Therefore, the original Belltron® fiber forms the heart of our clothing and brings safe and sustainable ESD protection, even after many washes.
Belltron® fibers have excellent ESD properties as well as excellent physical properties.

KETEX® Finishing Service

Enhanced by our finishing service, you receive workwear that is as individual as your company itself. High-quality finishing via direct embroidery or printing are possible for us in the most diverse ways. There are hardly any limits to achieve an appealing result.

ESD shoes

For ESD shoes, special attention must be paid to the shoe construction in terms of electrical contact resistance. Compliance with the overall system is very important. This consists of the interaction of conductive shoes and ESD flooring. Since ESD shoes are exposed to mechanical stress and soiling in daily use, their functionality must be checked and documented.
For these reviews we offer our EPA Gatekeeper® with visual and acoustic signaling.

ESD gloves

The prevention of product contamination by, for example, skin sweat or hand creams is the main task of ESD gloves in electronics manufacturing. The contamination can ultimately lead to problems with solderability, the application of protective coatings or corrosion.

ESD personal grounding

Only persons with proper personal grounding may enter the ESD protection zone (EPA). For example, wrist grounding straps and ESD shoes must be checked daily. For these reviews we offer our EPA Gatekeeper® with visual and acoustic signaling.

ESD personal accessories

In addition to ESD work clothing and personal grounding materials, employees may also need to be equipped with other ESD-suitable accessories. For example, tools, ID badge bags, etc.