Aerostat PC2

Aerostat PC2
Aerostat PC2

The Aeorstat PC2 provides comprehensive ionization protection for miniature environments. The unit provides excellent charge neutralization for targeted mini-environments and has sufficient air velocity to control static charge in an area up to 1.2 m above a benchtop work surface.

  • Neutralization of electrostatic charges at workplaces or in the service area
  • Ionization range up to 120 cm
  • Built-in cleaning brush for emitter electrodes
  • Three-speed fan (low/medium/high) and switchable heating element
  • Self-balancing of the offset voltage ± 10 V
  • Ionization based on high voltage (micropulse AC alternating voltage technique)
  • Ozone generation 0.05 ppm (distance 30 cm)
  • Optional heating for more user comfort
Mobile table model
Mobile table model with blower