KETIN® leaded

KETIN® Sn60Pb40 Badlote

KETIN® Sn60Pb40 Badlote
KETIN® Sn60Pb40 Badlote
  • High yield
  • Minimal investment and process costs
  • Excellent flow behavior, minimized bridge formation
  • Phosphorus dosing leads to less dross formation, this reduces maintenance and solder consumption
  • High mechanical reliability of the connection
  • Low maintenance


Articlenumber Designation Type Weight PU Amount
600-99102-68 KETIN® Badlot Sn60Pb40P 0.2 kg triangular bars 25 kg
600-99110-68 KETIN® Badlot Sn60Pb40P 1.0 kg ingot 25 kg