Consultations and audits

Consulting Services

Consultations and audits

With the KEINATH Consulting Services (KCS) we directly support our customers with audits, conformity checks, corrective actions for errors and planning activities, up to outsourcing services for ESD protection and soldering technology.

ESD - Electro Static Discharge
ESD Audit's

In an ESD audit, the use and effectiveness of ESD protective measures are checked. In an ESD audit, ESD workplaces, work processes, necessity of protective measures, effectiveness of existing ESD protective measures, packaging material, training status of personnel, inspections carried out, etc. are evaluated.
1. ESD consulting audit to determine the current status incl. report with metrological results and list of deficiencies.
2. Joint analysis of the report and processing of the list of deficiencies
3. ESD verification audit, if necessary with post-audit incl. report and certificate of conformity

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ESD Consulting Audit

Benefits and goals of the consultation

In accordance with the IEC DIN EN 61340 series of standards relevant for ESD protection measures and according to your requirements and objectives, we check your company.

Specific concerns of your company and the definition of the affected areas or departments will be discussed with you in a preliminary meeting.

The detailed audit report includes picture documentation with checklist and suggestions and supports you in introducing and implementing the measures required for effective ESD protection.

All necessary measuring and testing equipment is provided by us.

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ESD Review Audit

Benefits and goals of the audit

The IEC DIN EN 61340-5-1 standard requires an evaluation of the effectiveness and completeness of ESD protection measures.

Here KEINATH offers you an objective and competent inspection as "Third Party" (according to DIN EN ISO 9001) on the basis of IEC DIN EN 61340-5-1, point 10.17 and table 3.

The detailed audit report includes pictorial documentation of the identified deviations with a list of deficiencies. The severity of the deviations is determined according to the state of the art and an evaluation table.

All necessary measuring and testing equipment is provided by us.

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ESD protected area (EPA) Planning and acceptance

Benefits and goals of the consultation

As your business partner, we advise you on the planning and construction of ESD protected area, regardless of whether this involves individual workstations or entire production facilities.

We support you in planning the necessary boundary conditions such as floors, access controls, grounding points, machines, peripherals and personnel equipment in advance.

During the construction period, we can define the normative boundary conditions by means of specifications and check their compliance by means of measurements.

Our service begins with detailed planning and ends with the certified handover of the EPA.

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ESD inspection of machinery and equipment with certificate of conformity

Benefits and objectives of the review

As part of our inspection services, we carry out acceptance and certification of production facilities, plants and machines for ESD conformity. This is done both for the manufacturers of equipment and for their customers who require certainty about the ESD suitability of the equipment.

KEINATH ESD certificates of conformity are recognized by well-known companies. KEINATH checks and certifies according to IEC DIN EN 61340-x-y.

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ESD Outsourcing

Benefits and goals of the consultation

Static charges and discharges are everywhere. Likewise, new generation devices are becoming more sensitive to ESD due to faster cycle times, higher integration densities, limited effective internal protection circuits and reduction of operating voltage.

As a result, every company that processes electronic components has to think about ESD protection measures, certainly also in the context of DIN EN ISO 9001 certification and quality responsibility towards customers.

For the implementation of ESD protection measures, structured procedures are conceivable according to the operational capacity and the company philosophy, which you can also transfer completely to us.

Creation of a control program plan Furthermore, we are at your disposal for all questions concerning ESD protection.

Our service according to the guidelines of the IEC DIN EN 61340-5-1 standard includes:

  • The target/actual recording with image documentation and evaluation of the protective measures
  • Adaptation to new requirements
  • Elimination of detected defects
  • Periodic audits with audit report
  • Periodic training of the staff

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Soldering technology
Process audit - analysis of soldering problems

Benefits and goals of the process audit

Where there is a lot of soldering, not everything is necessarily soldered; this is common in soldering technology.
Soldering problems are very often part of everyday life in production. In many cases, however, this does not have to be the case.
The KEINATH consultants analyze the causes of the soldering problems together with you. Their deep process knowledge and our experience from many different soldering applications are a very good basis for solving the soldering problems.
We coordinate the specific concerns of your assembly spectrum and your production equipment required for an analysis in a preliminary discussion with you.
The detailed test report includes documentation with suggestions for remedial action.

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