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ESD Products

ESD Container & Accessories

Only ESD suitable packaging may be used for the transport and storage of electronic components or assemblies. All containers must be made of electrostatically dissipative material.

Accessories for ESD containers

ESD compartments and ESD intermediate layers

ESD Shipping Boxes & Foams

For transport and storage of electronic components or assemblies, only ESD suitable packaging may be used inside and outside the EPA. The shielding Safeshield shipping boxes with an additional ESD foam provide optimum protection for your products.


ESD foams

ESD Packaging Bags & Films

Packaging used within the ESD protection zone must be made of dissipative or conductive material (e.g. Permastat) when in direct contact with the product, Carbostat). For the transport of ESD sensitive products, packaging is required which additionally ensures shielding properties against electrostatic discharge (e.g. Highshield, Dryshield).

ESD Packaging Bags & Films HIGHSHIELD®.

ESD Packaging Bag Dry-Shield and Desiccant

ESD Packaging Bag & Films CARBOSTAT®

ESD PCB racks / holders and SMD coil stands

ESD printed circuit board racks for storage and handling of printed circuit boards for organized and safe storage of printed circuit boards during manufacturing, assembly, testing and storage.

SMD coil stand forefficient and organized handling of coils during various processes, such as unwinding, rewinding, winding or general storage of coils.

ESD hinged boxes and SMD hinged boxes

Transport trolleys and trolleys

For transport and storage of ESD containers and boxes.

ESD pallets and accessories