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ESD Products

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The establishment of an EPA (ESD protection zone) guarantees that components or assemblies can be manufactured, processed, packed, transported or stored without the risk of electrostatic damage. In the optimum design of an ESD protection zone, no electrostatic charges must be generated and any charges that are introduced or unavoidable must be reliably discharged.
That's why we offer the reliable workstation systems with volume-conductive ESD worktops from our ESD network partner Andreas KARL an.

ESD packing table

ESD shelves and cabinets

ESD work chairs

Standing up or clothing friction in connection with chairs generate high electrostatic charges. To prevent this, the fabric cover, plastic parts, armrests and castors of ESD-suitable chairs must be made of electrostatically dissipative material.
Therefore, our chairs are all fully dissipative and also meet ergonomic and workplace specifications.

ESD table & transport cart

All storage surfaces of the table and transport trolleys in the ESD protection zone should be made of volume-conductive material.
In addition, the castors must be of conductive design. Since not all types of castors are suitable, our trolleys are equipped with ESD-compatible solid rubber tires.

ESD lights

Activities in an ESD protection zone also require excellent visual conditions. For high-quality and efficient lighting solutions, we offer a selection of ESD-compatible LED luminaires.

ESD materials for machines & plants

All materials in a plant must be capable of preventing the buildup of electrostatic charges and of dissipating electrostatic charges. This also includes, for example, viewing panels, conveyor belt covers and glazing.

ESD table and shelf coverings

Our table and shelf coverings are used to cover work surfaces that are not ESD-compatible or to protect ESD-compatible work surfaces in a way that maintains their resistance to discharge.

ESD floor loose lay

With our loose-laid ESD floors, any industrial floor can be renovated easily and quickly. The floors are loosely laid during operation and can be walked on immediately.

ESD floor

All ESD flooring systems for fixed installation consist of a layer structure of primer, leveling filler, conductive layer and top layer. They differ mainly in the material composition of the top layer, the layer thickness and the installation technique.
Our ESD network partner nora systemsmanufactures highly reliable ESD rubber floor systems. These floors meet all current standard specifications.