Company profile


Company profile


Our mission for 25 years:

consulting & equipment = Technologie

"All the technology for ESD and soldering technology.®", this is what we continuously, systematically and innovatively develop for our customers.
The focus of these developments is our customers' demand for technologies that can increase safety, quality, productivity and economic efficiency.


Company Philosophy:

People and the concept of values are at the center of our holistic and sustainable actions.
Innovatively, we are constantly developing new offerings so that our business partners experience permanent added value.
We see customers, employees and suppliers as equal partners on an equal footing.
It is a matter of course for us to deal with everyone in a balanced partnership.
This requires a willingness for honest and fair dialogue among all parties.

This sense fulfillment of our work means joy, freedom, enthusiasm, success and zest for life of the individual in everyday life.
Reducing tensions through communication while always using authority with extreme restraint is daily practice.
Adequate and performance-related pay and the satisfaction of our employees are particularly important to us.

All our processes are subject to continuous improvement as well as the sustainable conservation of our environmental resources and together form the fundamental pillars of our overall quality and environmental policy.

Compliance with all applicable national laws, rules and regulations as well as recognized standards is a matter of course for us.


Our customers & market position

KEINATH is the leading technology partner in ESD protection and soldering  for companies in the electronics industry who demand both "consulting" in the form of training and consulting services, as well as "equipment" for the entire field of ESD and soldering technology from a single source and from a competent, innovative, cost-conscious and long-term reliable source.

Well-known companies are among our customers.
We will gladly provide references upon request.


Business units "consulting & equipment'':

Training and consulting services

The expertise in consulting and the systematic and innovative development of our services form the backbone of our entire service and delivery program. The current, greatly expanded and constantly updated KEINATH specialist seminar and specialist training program is unique in its scope, content, systematics and continuity of further development. It makes KEINATH the leading know-how provider in this field.


In the equipment business area, we supply discerning companies with our own developments as well as carefully and in part elaborately selected devices, equipment and production resources. With our purchasing advice, we ensure that our customers receive exactly what they need and expect for the respective application.


KEINATH Own developments


  • KEINATH Training Center, specialist training programs to systematically build up qualifications in ESD and soldering technology.
  • KEINATH Training Service, Fachseminare
  • KEINATH Consulting Service, Audits, Consulting, Conformity Testing and Outsourcing
  • KEINATH laboratory service, examination of materials and calibration of ESD measuring and testing equipment


  • KEINATH ESD personal testing device sparktrap® EPA Gatekeeper®
  • KEINATH premium ESD Clothing KETEX®
  • ESD discharge measuring device SEM 3000® trend-setting measurement technology
  • KEINATH KBT 2000 walk test
  • KEINATH practice assembly KUB 100 as well as many products from our suppliers that have been tried and tested in the KEINATH laboratory.
  • KEINATH Production Equipment KEATIN® and KETIN®