Laboratory Services

Calibration of measuring instruments ESD - Electro Static Discharge Soldering technology

Labor Services

Laboratory Services

With KEINATH Laboratory Services (KLS), we test your materials for ESD suitability, calibrate measuring and testing equipment for ESD protection and perform solder bath analyses

Calibration of measuring instruments
Calibration of measuring instruments

Benefits and goals of calibration

The monitoring of test equipment plays an important role in quality management. For the proof of the quality requirements, a check of the product characteristics is indispensable. In turn, to ensure that the measurements performed also provide the metrologically correct values, the test equipment used must be monitored at appropriate intervals. Thus, consistent monitoring of your test equipment makes an important contribution to avoiding errors and subsequent costs.

The accuracy of electronic components in measuring instruments is subject to certain fluctuations over time. Duration of use and varying environmental conditions are major contributors to these deviations. To counteract this problem, it is necessary to calibrate all measuring instruments at regularly specified test intervals.

Regular calibrations ensure higher quality products and lead to lasting customer satisfaction.
Improperly maintained test and measurement equipment can prove costly as it can lead to unforeseen failures, quality degradation and product recalls.

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ESD - Electro Static Discharge
ESD material check

Benefits and objectives of the review

"Not all that glitters is gold" says the popular saying. "Not all that is black is conductive" knows the ESD specialist.

It is not always easy to find the right protective product and material from the wide range on offer. Depending on the application, a selection often has to be made, which requires know-how and appropriate measuring equipment.

Here KEINATH Electronic offers you support.

All ESD protective materials and products considered for use must comply with the requirements of the standard.

The elements that are actually supplied must comply with the standard and be able to perform the required task under the conditions given within an existing facility.

The ESD protective elements can be qualified by one of the following methods:

Internal qualification of the user.

Third-party qualification.

Qualification testing by the supplier and provision of a certificate of conformity.

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Soldering technology
Solder bath analyses service

Benefits and goals of the analysis

To ensure a stable soldering process, the solder bath values must be correct.
Since contamination in the solder bath cannot be prevented, regular solder bath analyses should be carried out.

In the event of contamination of your plumb bob, we will be happy to advise you.

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